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The Mystery of Permanents in Magic: The Gathering

Ahoy there, fellow planeswalkers and spell-slingers! Gather ’round as we embark on a mystical journey through the enchanting realms of Magic: The Gathering. Today, our focus shall illuminate the enigmatic world of “Permanents” – those sneaky, steadfast cards that stick around like your favorite sidekick.

Picture this: you’re a master conjurer, a sorcery slinger, and you’re holding your deck close to your heart. Your fingers dance over the cards like a maestro composing an arcane symphony. And what’s this? A permanent card winks at you from your hand. But what is it? Why, it’s a card that’s here to stay, like that friend who always overstays their welcome but in a good way!

So, what in the multiverse are Permanents, you ask? Buckle up, because we’re diving into the rabbit hole!

The Defining Essence of Permanents

In the mystical realm of Magic: The Gathering, Permanents are cards that take the concept of “here to stay” to a whole new plane. These are the trusty companions that stick around like that one stubborn mosquito at your summer campfire. They’re like the furniture of your deck – steadfast, unwavering, and integral to the tapestry of your game.

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Types of Permanents: A Mixed Bag of Magic

Now, here’s where things get spicy! Permanents come in various flavors, each with its own unique charm. Let’s lift the curtain and unveil the grand gallery of these mystic marvels:

1. Creatures

These are the creatures of myth and lore, brought to life on your card table. From the fearsome dragons that can scorch your opponent’s plans to the nimble faeries that can evade even the craftiest of traps, creatures are the heart and soul of your battlefield strategy.

2. Artifacts

Ever wished you could hold the power of a relic from ancient times? Artifacts are your ticket to that dream. These nifty gadgets can range from an enchanting amulet that boosts your spells to a towering contraption that can change the tide of battle.

3. Enchantments

Ah, the sweet melodies of enchantments! These cards are like the whispers of unseen spirits, bestowing your game with unique abilities and a touch of the fantastical. Whether it’s a land that blossoms with otherworldly magic or a curse that plagues your foes, enchantments are the spice of life in the world of Magic.

4. Lands

Now, don’t be fooled – lands might seem like mere bits of cardboard, but they hold the very essence of the planes you traverse. They’re the bedrock of your strategy, the foundation upon which your spells are woven. From the serene plains to the untamed forests, lands are the tapestry of your battlefield.

5. Planeswalkers

Ever wanted to pal around with Jace or Chandra? Planeswalkers are the VIPs of your deck – powerful beings who’ve seen more planes than your luggage at an interplanar airport. These walking legends add a dash of personal flair to your game, casting spells, summoning creatures, and even messing with the minds of your opponents.

The Dance of Permanents: Unveiling the Symphony

Now that we’ve unveiled the colorful cast of Permanents, let’s talk about their dance on the battlefield. When you cast a permanent card, it waltzes onto the battlefield, ready to rock and roll. Creatures stand tall, ready to clash in an epic showdown, while enchantments lend their enchanting aura to the scene. Artifacts hum with latent power, and lands… well, they just do their thing, patiently waiting for you to tap into their magic.

But, dear planeswalker, remember this: every dance has its rhythm, and Permanents have their own tempo. You’ll need to tap your lands just right to summon these magical companions, and once they’re out, they’re here to stay – until some cunning spell or a strategically-placed axe sends them packing.


So, there you have it, a glimpse into the vibrant realm of Permanents in Magic: The Gathering. These cards are more than just cardboard cutouts; they’re the threads that weave your strategy, the companions that stand by your side, and the heartbeats of your deck.

Next time you lay out your cards and take on the role of a planeswalker, remember the Permanents that stay. Creatures, artifacts, enchantments, lands, and planeswalkers – they’re the symphony that turns a simple game into a magical journey through the multiverse. So shuffle your deck, draw your cards, and may your Permanents always be in your favor!

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