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The world of Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH for short) is changing constantly and at a rapid speed. So, having a deep understanding of ones deck power level is not only important but is a necessity to survive in the game.

If you don’t know how to calculate your EDH deck’s power level then worry not because that’s where our EDH Power Level Calculator tool gets into action. We designed this tool to provide players with precise power level assessments for their EDH decks, allowing players like you to make better decisions and give your opponent a tough challenge.

Even though our calculator looks like a very simple and basic tool but under the hood, it features a very sophisticated algorithm that has undergone rigorous testing sessions. Our EDH Power Level Calculator provides reliable and precise power level measurements that players can use to check the strength of their deck.

Why is it Important To Assess Power Levels in EDH Decks?

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The reason why assessing deck power level is so crucial in EDH is because it serves as a great reference point, which means players can use it to measure the competitiveness and overall strength of their EDH deck. By using our calculator, players get to understand where their deck lies on the power spectrum and ensures a more balanced and enjoyable experience for each and every player in the game.

Additionally, by assessing the EDH deck power levels, players can make changes to their decks so that their power levels align or at least come close to their opponent’s deck power level and by doing that players can have an engaging gameplay and avoid one-sided matches. Whether you like to play casual EDH or competitive EDH, knowing your deck’s power level will come in handy.

Benefits of using our EDH Power Level Calculator

There are a lot of benefits one can get by using our EDH Power Level Calculator tool. First things first, our EDH calculator provides players with a complete objective assessment of their deck’s power levels, diminishing biases and uncertainties. This allows players to make better deck building choices like card selection, mana curve adjustments, and game strategy.

Apart from that, our EDH Power Level Calculator allows players to constantly improve and up their game. By assessing the deck’s power levels regularly, players can track their progress and monitor their deck’s evolution over time. It doesn’t matter if someone is looking for a simple upgrade or a complete overhaul of their deck, our awesome tool acts as a great guiding compass which allows players like you to fine-tune your deck and get the most out of it.

How Does the EDH Power Level Calculator Works?

The EDH Power Calculator features a very basic yet powerful algorithm that has been tested over and over again, in order to provide accurate EDH power level calculations. Our unique algorithm takes various factors into consideration that adds up to the overall strength and the competitiveness of an EDH deck. When you add all the necessary values to our tool and click on the “Calculate” button, it generates a comprehensive power level assessment, providing players like you with valuable insights about your deck’s power levels.

Factors Affecting EDH Power Levels

To provide our users with the most accurate assessments, our EDH Power Level Calculator takes several factors into consideration and some of these factors are:

  • Card Quality: Our calculator evaluates the strength and impact of the cards. It considers the presence of powerful, format-defining cards, as well as the overall card selection and efficiency.
  • Mana Curve: The division of mana costs across the deck is very important. Our calculator checks the balance between early gameplays, mid game threats, and late game powerhouses to check the consistency of the player’s deck.
  • Synergy: It means how well the cards in your deck can be used together to make powerful interactions and combos. Our calculator checks the synergy potential of the card choices to assess the overall synergy level.
  • Win Conditions: The variety and effectiveness of win conditions are checked within the deck. It doesn’t matter if it’s through overwhelming creature presence, combo chains, or alternate win conditions, our calculator evaluates the deck’s potential to get straight wins.
  • Interaction Potential: It refers to the ability of the deck to respond to threats and destroy opponent’s strategies. Our calculator takes into consideration the presence of removal spells, counter-spells, and other forms of interaction to determine the ability of the deck to adapt and control the game.

Accuracy of the Calculator

The EDH Power Level Calculator strives for accuracy and reliability in its power level assessments. While no calculation can be perfect due to the inherent complexity of deck evaluation, our calculator is continually refined and updated based on user feedback. We are committed to providing you with the most precise and consistent power level results possible.

It’s important to note that power level assessments are subjective to some extent, as different playgroups and metas may have varying interpretations of power levels. The EDH Power Level Calculator seeks to strike a balance by considering a broad range of factors, but it’s always recommended to communicate and align with your playgroup regarding power level expectations.

Rest assured, the EDH Power Level Calculator serves as a valuable tool for evaluating your deck’s strength, allowing you to make informed decisions and engage in enjoyable and balanced gameplay. With its reliable algorithm and consideration of various crucial factors, the calculator is a reliable companion on your journey to mastery in the world of EDH.


The calculator provides you with an objective assessment of your deck’s power level, eliminating biases and uncertainties. It empowers you to make informed decisions regarding card choices, mana curve adjustments, and overall strategy. With this knowledge, you can fine-tune your deck to align with your desired power level and optimize its performance on the battlefield.

Furthermore, the EDH Power Level Calculator encourages fair play and balanced matchups. By understanding your deck’s power level, you can engage in meaningful discussions and negotiations with your playgroup, ensuring enjoyable gameplay experiences for all. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship within the EDH community, allowing players to showcase their skills and strategies on an even playing field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does power level mean in Commander?

The term power level of a deck indicates its probability of winning a game of commander.

How to calculate Commander power level?

You can use our website to calculate your Commander deck power level.

Is Commander 99 or 100?

In Commander, decks consist of precisely 100 cards – either 1 commander alongside 99 additional cards, or 2 partner commanders along with 98 other cards. Each card, except for basic lands, can only be included once based on its name.

What is a good mana curve for Commander?

A well-structured mana curve in Commander typically involves a concentration of spells within the two, three, and four-mana ranges. While a few one-mana and higher-cost spells can be beneficial, achieving a balanced distribution across these key segments is essential for optimal gameplay.

Can you play Commander 1v1?

A standard Commander game accommodates four players, although any group size from two and beyond is possible.

Why Commander is the best format?

Having a collection of 100 distinct cards grants players extensive creative freedom when constructing their decks. In the Commander format, numerous entertaining combinations become viable, ones that would remain out of reach within the restrictions of alternative formats.

How important is mana curve?

The characteristics of your Commander can influence your crucial turn and subsequently impact the quantity of lands you opt to include. It’s essential to factor in your mana curve when determining the appropriate number of mana sources required.

How can I be a better Commander?

Practice is beneficial. Familiarize yourself with your deck’s capabilities and anticipate its potential actions. Contemplate your winning strategy and prepare contingency plans in case your progress is hindered.

Is it possible to have a Commander deck with more than 100 cards?

A complete commander deck consists of precisely 99 cards, along with the commander, totaling exactly 100 cards. Deviating from this count, either exceeding or falling short, is not permissible.

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