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Beginners Guide To Power Levels in EDH

As an avid player of Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH) or Commander, I’m here to discuss with you guys about the different power levels you might encounter. EDH is known for its diverse range of power levels, allowing players to customize their decks to suit their preferred style of play. Here are some common categorizations of power levels you might come across:

  1. Casual: Casual EDH decks focus on fun interactions, flavorful themes, and casual play. They typically have a mix of basic and budget-friendly cards without many expensive or powerful staples. Casual games prioritize social interaction and may feature decks with unconventional strategies or tribal themes.
  2. Focused: Focused decks are more refined and streamlined than casual ones. They aim to win but often focus on a specific strategy or theme. These decks may include some more powerful and efficient cards, but they still prioritize interesting interactions and may avoid overly oppressive strategies.
  3. Competitive: Competitive EDH decks are designed with the goal of winning as efficiently and consistently as possible. They utilize powerful synergies, optimized mana bases, and often contain expensive staples. Competitive decks are typically built around a specific strategy and have efficient answers to common threats. These games tend to be faster-paced and more cutthroat.

Within these broad power level categories, there are further distinctions that you will have to consider:

Budget Decks

Budget decks are built with cost constraints in mind. They use affordable cards to create functional and enjoyable decks. While they may lack some of the powerful and expensive cards seen in higher-powered decks, budget decks can still be competitive and offer unique gameplay experiences.

Optimized Decks

Optimized decks are well-tuned versions of casual or focused decks. They may include more powerful and expensive cards to increase their consistency and effectiveness. These decks strike a balance between being strong and enjoyable to play against.

cEDH or High-Powered Decks

cEDH stands for “Competitive EDH” or “Commander with a competitive mindset.” These decks are designed to win as quickly and efficiently as possible using powerful card combinations, infinite combos, and highly optimized strategies. They often feature a significant number of expensive cards and are built to compete at the highest level of play.

Additionally, there are tools available that can help you determine the power level of a Commander deck. One popular resource is our very own EDH Power Calculator tool, which assists players in assessing and rating the power level of their decks. Our calculator uses various factors, such as card selection, mana curve and speed to give you a better understanding about where your deck falls on the power spectrum.

Remember, power levels in EDH can be subjective and vary depending on the playgroup. It’s essential to communicate with your fellow players and establish a consensus on the desired power level before starting a game. This ensures everyone has an enjoyable experience and avoids potential mismatches.

I hope this article helped you understand the different power levels in EDH and enables you to make informed decisions when building or joining a Commander deck. I’ve also created an infographic that discusses the different EDH power levels in great detail. So, don’t forget to check that out as well.

Have fun playing!

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